At Least Five Shot in Wynne, AR

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(Wynne, AR) At least five people have been shot in the small city of Wynne, Arkansas. Family members say two of the victims are in Memphis at the MED.

Sonya Hughes said her son was walking to his friend’s house when it happened.

“He said he was coming through the park and he heard gun shots so he just took off running, not knowing that he had been hit,” said Hughes.

The 19-year-old was shot in the leg and at least four others were also hit with bullets. Witnesses say two men were fighting in Deshay Park when they both pulled out guns and bullets started flying everywhere.

“Half the people who ran didn’t know they got hit ’til they stopped,” said Lakeshia Hughes. “My brother didn’t know he had got hit til he was a block or so away.”

That’s 18-year-old Troince Hughes, who was shot in the arm.

People living around the park say they rushed to the aid of the victims and say none were taken to the Cross Ridge Community Hospital by ambulance. They were all driven there in cars.

“It was a little guy that I helped pick up and put in the truck,’ said Zacchaus Williams.

Family members tell us that only one man had a life-threatening gun shot to the chest, but all are expected to survive.

People who live in this small town say something around here needs to change.

“Cause this is not working no more here in Wynne,” said Williams.

“They don’t have no morals. There is nothing here for them to do. The only thing they have to do is be at the park,” said Sonya.

And the park wasn’t the safest place to be this Saturday afternoon.

The Arkansas State Police say they’re assisting Wynne police with their investigation. They wouldn’t confirm how many total people had been shot or if they had the shooter, or shooters, in custody.