Suspect Charged After Threaten to Post Lewd Video Online

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(Memphis) Eighteen-year-old Montrell Clark is charged with statutory rape after Memphis Police claim he was having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old.

Memphis Police Department said the relationship between Clark and the victim began in 2010.

Clark said the sex was consensual, but the victim told police it was rape.

The victim also told police Clark told her he had video of her having sex and would post the video on Facebook if she did not have sex with him.

Director of the Rape Crisis Center, Anna Whalley, said Friday this happens more than you think.

"I can’t imagine anything more frightening than somebody saying that they have those pictures of me and we’re going to put them out there, they will do anything to avoid it. So they may end up in even more dangerous situations," said Whalley.

She said the center has heard so many claims of suspects using porn against victims, they began tracking the cases 6 months ago.

Clark is behind bars on a $5,000 bond.