Burglars Use Key to Target Memphis Woman

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(Memphis) It`s a mystery to Andrea Gill how three people broke into her apartment and stole her TVs and iPod Tuesday.

Police tell her they've arrested one person, but there are still questions about how the burglars got in, even though the entire thing was caught on surveillance camera.

After watching the surveillance, police found the burglars used a key to break into her door to loot the apartment. 

After that, they shattered a window to make it look like that's how they got inside the apartment.

Gill says the Cedar Mill Apartment Complex, where she lives, was not helpful.

She thinks they contributed to the crime, “She said well the apartment has nothing to do with it and I said with that statement you just made right there, because I never said anything, that lets me know that you feel you guys are at fault.  Either by not watching these cameras like you were supposed to be doing or not changing my lock."

Cedar Mill's management didn't want to go on camera for an interview but told me the burglars did not use one of the apartment's keys, and all locks on Gill's apartment were changed when the last person moved out.

Gill just moved here from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and doesn't know how the burglars got a key, “He got in with a key. The only way he can have a key is through someone at the apartment or me. I don`t know anyone to give a key to."

Gill says police are still looking for the other two suspects.