Wynne Employees Suddenly Locked Out Due To Bankruptcy

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(Wynne, AR) Imagine going to work and finding a note on the door saying you don’t have a job anymore.

More than sixty people in Wynne, Arkansas know the feeling.

Delta Environmental let go of all their employees this morning with no warning, citing bankruptcy.

“Finished yesterday, came in this morning and we don`t have a job,” said a surprised Justin Jones.

Jones was an assistant to the vice president of Delta Environmental for the last ten years. 

He's as shocked as anyone else to find out he doesn't have a job anymore, “I've got a family I need to take care of.  If they had given us some kind of warning, we could,ve been out looking for a job."

Jones and other employees tried calling and knocking on the door, but couldn't get in touch with managers or the parent company, Eaton Moery Environmental Services.

All they have is a note left on the door.

“I`m mad. I'm (explicit) about it.  I come in this morning to go to work and now I don't have a job. After ten years of working here,” said former employee Ricky Suthlen.

According to the sign, Delta Environmental filed for Bankruptcy that forced them to shut down.

News Channel 3 called the trash collection company, but they didn't have a comment.

Corey Easter told us this isn't the company's first financial problem.

He said Delta Environmental had been pulling child support from every pay check, and he just found out they never turned that money over to the court for his child.

“Get a letter in the mail saying you are behind on child support. Got thirty days to pay in something. Now I walk in, and the door's closed,” said Easter.

Employees say what makes matters worse is today is payday, and they never got a check. 

That's a big problem when you live paycheck to paycheck.

According to the Arkansas Department of Labor, employees will have to file claims with the bankruptcy court to get their checks.

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