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Consultant Picked Up Councilwoman From Jail

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(Memphis) It wasn't the proudest moment for Janis Fullilove, hoodie over her head, walking from jail, hand in hand with consultant Greg Grant.

Grant helped start a major development project at Southbrook Mall on East Shelby Drive.

“We were the ones who worked, pulled it together, got it to a good comfortable position”, said Grant.

The city has to vote to spend nearly seven million dollars on the mall project which sources confirm Councilwoman Fullilove has taken the lead on. 

Should she be calling the man who started this project to pick her up from jail?

“Janis Fullilove is a dear friend of mind, she was in distress, incarcerated, abused at home”, said Grant.

He pointed out he's no longer involved in the project and says there's no conflict.  

He points to the laundry list of development from the Bass Pro Shop to Beale Street Landing all developed by people who have friendships with council members.

He says he's being singled out.

Fullilove refused to comment.