Farmers Say Rain From Isaac Could Do More Harm Than Good

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(Forrest City, AR) Farmers in Forrest City are watching the sky closely.

They've already had a hard year because of dry conditions, but they say too much rain too fast could also be a problem.

Debra Busby is a farmer. She's not worried about flooding in Eastern Arkansas, but she is worried about her crops.

“Right now, we are in the harvest season for rice and corn. So if it comes too fast it's going to blow it down,” said Busby.

Debra checks the weather every few minutes.  She's bracing herself for up to four inches of rain, but she's staying positive.

“As long as it comes slowly it will be fine,” said Busby.

City officials aren't taking any chances.

The city's multipurpose center is on standby to be turned into a storm shelter, and they also have crews ready to block off flooded streets and respond to fallen debris.

Police Chief Edward Reynolds has also worked out a plan with restaurants around town to stay open in the case of an emergency so people can get food.  Hotels are ready to take people forced off of Interstate 40 by the weather.

“We have some community-minded people in the form of our business owners and so it's good to see the willingness of folks to come together,” said Chief Reynolds.

James Cathy's home floods, but he says he's prepared.

“I've had to put in ditches to move the water away from coming into the house,” said Cathy.

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