Memphis Councilwoman Fullilove No Stranger to Police

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(Memphis) Councilwoman Janis Fullilove is out of jail on no bond, after the late night arrest of Fullilove and her husband Vernon Chalmers.

According to police, they were called to the Fullilove house because she was allegedly throwing plates at her husband over accusations of cheating.

Police say she passed out when they got to the house because she was very intoxicated.

Fullilove and her husband have a history of domestic violence.

Fullilove made this call to 911 in 2010, “Please send somebody. He hit me. I just need him out of my house.”

Fullilove is no stranger to police.

Court records show the councilwoman has been charged with several crimes dating back to 1994.

Those crimes include not only domestic violence but also making and using a counterfeit driver's license.

Fullilove has developed quite a listof charges, but she`s also been in the news for other scandals where charges were never pressed.

In 2008, Fullilove was involved in a wreck in Tunica where a child was injured.

She blamed a medical condition, and said she would get help and didn't face any charges.

During her last campaign, she was accused of ripping up her competitor’s signs and cursing out her opponent.

In 2010, she told News Channel 3 her opponent called the news, “Because I`m going to beat his ass. That`s why he's saying that.”

Then there's the time she pole danced on a Mississippi river cruise.

In 2010, Fullilove issued this apology, “I apologize to anyone I offended by my dancing, because I`m not eighteen and I shouldn't try to dance like I'm eighteen.

Fullilove's controversy begs the question why does she keep getting re-elected to city council.

“I believe she can still do her job because what happens in her home shouldn't affect her work,” said Christopher Jones.

Marisha Durant thinks Fullilove should step down, “She`s setting an example. And she's setting the wrong example.”

Fullilove was not available for comment.