Two Dead In Crash With MPD Cruiser

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(UPDATE 8/27) Since this story was originally posted, the family has now said two people died rather than three. Memphis Police agree that two people died.

(Memphis) - A family who came in town for a 50th birthday party this weekend met a tragic ending. 

"It sounded like thunder," said Justin Vinson who witnessed a Memphis police cruiser crashing into a car carrying four people.

According to family members, two of them died on scene while two others were taken to the Med in extremely critical condition.

Family members told News Channel 3 a third person died Sunday evening. "When [the officer] hit the car it kind of spinned it around and it hit the pole and it was real tragic," said Vinson.

The officer driving the car went to the hospital also, but his injuries are not life-threatening. Investigators say the Ford Contour pulled out in front of him. 

They say the officer involved was on his way to a call. Witnesses we talked to say he was going fast, close to 80 miles per hour, but there was nothing else to indicate he was responding to a call. "There were no blue lights, no sirens or anything and when police got there it was the same, no blue lights or nothing," said Vinson.

Latricia Murphy is related to the victims. A call from police summoned her and the rest of her family to the Med. They found out her aunt, Deloris Epps had died along with Michael Ross, Epps' boyfriend and Mikayla Ross, Epps' 14-year-old daughter.

"They just said she had been in a real bad accident and they want us to meet them at the front entrance and we have been here and no one had came yet and they hadn't told us anything, nothing," said Murphy. 

Police say the accident is still under investigation. Vinson believes the whole thing is just tragic.

"I hope God is with y'all,"he said "We going to be praying for y'all. We just wish the best and be careful."

The fourth victim is a friend of the family. He came into town with the family from Senatobia, MS. Police have not released the names of the victims or the police officer.