Judge: Greg Davis Gets At Least A Few More Paychecks

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(Jackson, MS)  Southaven Mayor Greg Davis will continue getting his check for at least twenty more days. 

The state auditor's office wants to take Davis's paycheck to cover the tens of thousands of dollars they say he owes over questionable spending. 

Davis says it's unconstitutional for the state to start taking his check, because he hasn't had a chance to argue his side of the story.

A chancery court judge in Jackson, MS said he didn't have enough information to agree or disagree with Davis who took the stand to explain why he thinks he doesn't owe the state $73,000. 

Davis says investigators have requested receipts and gone over his spending of city money over the past year, but he's never had a chance to see those findings or dispute them. 

Davis had no comment, but his attorney said garnishing his wages would be unconstitutional and wants written proof how much Davis owes. 

The state auditor's attorney doesn't think Davis has a strong case.

They say there is no investigative report to show Davis, because they send their findings straight to the grand jury.

They also say Davis had ample opportunity to call and set up a meeting with them to plead his case, but he never did.

The auditor's office won't have one until the judge makes his ruling. 

The judge says he still has questions and can't make a final decision yet on whether Davis can keep his check or not.

The judge will send the questions he still has in a letter  to Davis and the state auditor's office.

In twenty days, they will be back in court to answer those questions.