Commissioner: County Doesn’t Have Money To Fund Emissions Inspections

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(Memphis) Some Shelby County Commissioners say the request from the city for them to pay for vehicle inspection centers is facing an uphill battle.

That's because most commissioners don't want to pay for the stations.

They say they simply don`t have the money.

“The city is trying to get out of paying for everything it seems like, schools and now the vehicle inspections,” said Commissioner Chris Thomas.

Thomas says he hopes the commission can find a way to end the inspection requirement all together.

Commissioners along with attorneys are looking at other avenues to clean up the air.

Right now, the EPA requires people in Memphis to have inspections because of ozone pollution.

Commissioner Heidi Schafer says the city made the best decision for them on funding, “I`m in favor of the city doing what it needs to do to make sure it`s running on budget and in a position where they can maybe reduce taxes."

Schafer says the commission will only fund inspection centers if they have to, but not funding them could come with a cost, “There`s some debate among attorneys about whether we`re required to do it or not and I understand that highway funding is a component of it so we want to make sure we don`t do anything where we might lose funding for roads."

According to the resolution passed by city council, they will not stop the $2.8 Million funding of these stations until the end of next June.

But county commissioners say they should decide if they want to fund these stations within the next couple of months.