Search For Missing Fisherman Continues

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UPDATE 8/20/2012- A body was found in McKellar Lake Monday but has not been identified as of now.

(Memphis) Rescue workers continued for a second day, looking for a missing Memphis boater on McKellar Lake.

39-year-old Nehemiah Crenshaw’s family anxiously looked on, hoping to hear good news Sunday.

In the crowd was friend, Donald Small, he just spoke to Crenshaw a few days ago about the fishing trip.

“He said, ‘I always catch them and put them back in water,” recalled Small.

Small received a phone call Saturday saying Crenshaw had disappeared while out fishing alone.

His boat was found, Crenshaw’s life jacket was still in it.

“It really disturbed me. I wanted to be in the presence of his mother and his wife, children and friends,” expressed Small.

Sunday, cadaver dogs went out looking for Crenshaw with about 30 rescue workers.

“Some people don’t understand the full capabilities of canines,” pointed out Lt. Anthony Rudolph with the Memphis Police Department.

But Sunday, the Canines didn’t find the missing father of three.

Crews also went into the water with what’s called a side scan sonar boat. It works as an x-ray through McKellar Lake.

Even though Sunday so far there is no sign of Crenshaw, crews are still hoping to find the avid fisherman who can swim, alive.

“ If he was able to make it to the bank and then walk back, he is going to have to walk 6 or ten miles where there is a phone,” said Andy Tweed, with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Small’s trusting in a higher power.

“We’re still going to trust in God,” expressed Small.

Praying his friend is found soon.

“He’s a good man, full of joy, laughter, good spirit,” said Small.

Rescue Workers says this weekend’s cool and calm weather improve Crenshaw’s chances at surviving.  

They also add, while he may have to fight off mosquitoes and snakes, the water is not rushing into the Mississippi River, which is also helpful in finding him alive.