Hamilton High School Dismissing Classes Early

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(Memphis) Classes were cancelled at Hamilton High School Tuesday because a powerful storm the night before, knocked-out electricity there and tore-off part of the roof.

"This morning we still had 40 to 60 percent of the building without power," said Principal Michael Bates.

Bates said class wasn't possible for more than 800 students at the school since the cafeteria and entire first floor were in the dark, "With the first floor being out and the cafeteria, there was no way to provide breakfast or lunch for our students."

"When I got in, there was no lights on but in the gym. So, we had to sit in the gym until our parents came and got us," said Talisha Austin, who is in the 11th grade.

Austin spent part of her normal school day at Lincoln Park  with her friends.

"Having fun like teenagers are supposed to do," said one of the students.

They hung out while MLGW worked to restore power and Memphis City School's maintenance team cleaned-up the mess from the storm.

"It took a portion of the roof and conveniently placed it in our student parking lot," said Bates.

He says a piece of the roof was so large, it took up about 10 parking spaces.

Some students offered to help clean-up the debris before the heading home.

"Actually, we had to tell most of our children not to help get the roofing off the ground," said Bates. "We are very proud of the character of our children and they love Hamilton, absolutely."

Power was restored just before noon.

Students are expected to come to class at the normal time of 7 a.m.