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Pilots N Paws Helps Alcorn Strays Find New Homes

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(Corinth, MS) For years, pet adoptions were a local thing, but these days you can adopt a pet from just about any shelter in the country, if you can get the pet sent to you.

Now, a group called “Pilots N Paws" makes that part of the deal, a reality.

The Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter has begun working toward becoming a “no-kill” shelter, so they’re getting aggressive about adoptions.

They’re even reaching out on the internet, and in the last year, have adopted out 549 pets.

That’s meant long car trips for some of the animals, until the shelter director learned about a group that will fly animals for free.

”We talked to people who were using pilots and paws and what a great organization that they were,” said Charlotte Doehner of the Corinth Alcorn Animal Shelter.

Pilots N Paws unites pets and their new adoptive families all over the country.

When a home was found in Ohio for a dog known as “Mr. Billings,” Pilots N Paws flyer Jeff Spencer stepped up, ”I enjoy animals. I enjoy helping animals. I really enjoy flying”.

Spencer said the group’s pilots pay the entire cost of the trip out of their own pockets.

He says it’s something he’d do anyway, to log more flying hours in his plane,.

He likes the benefit of helping people and their pets, ”The last thing I came to realize as I got more involved in it, is it exposes me to what I call the better aspect of people".

It's also helping shelter employees reach out farther to adopt more animals, as they look to a day they never have to put another one down. 

Pilots N Paws is apparently a win-win for everybody, as pets get new homes faster and pilots get valuable flying time.