Chavis Carter’s Family Hires Attorney

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(Memphis, TN)  He was her whole world, her first grandson.

Anne Carter Winters and Chavis Carter lived under the same roof and talked almost every day, until they couldn’t anymore.

Winters remembers the last time she spoke to her grandson.

“He said I miss you and I love you and I'll see you soon grand-mamma”, said Winters.

The next time she saw Carter, it was in a coffin.

Carter had been picked up by police in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

A warrant was issued when he did not show up for a court date after being caught with marijuana.

Officers searched him, handcuffed him behind his back, and put him in a squad car.

Moments later, he was dead and police say it was suicide.

“I can't get it together. I still can't put the story together it just don't add up," said Teresa Carter, the victim’s mother.

She points to conflicting stories where one police report says they found her son after hearing banging noises, and another says it was after smelling smoke.

The New York Daily News quoted Jonesboro Police Chief Michael Yates as saying a dashboard-camera video and accounts from unnamed witnesses “tend to support” Baggett and Marsh’s account.

Yates has said both witnesses and the dashboard camera put the officers outside the vehicle at the time the gun was fired.

The two officers were placed on paid administrative leave, pending results of the probe.

The FBI is monitoring the police investigation and will perform ballistics tests on the .380-caliber, cobra semi-automatic handgun found near his body.

The gun had been reported stolen in Jonesboro, a month before.

Carter says police won't tell her anything, so she hired an attorney from the famed Johnnie Cochran law firm, "I need somebody to help me get some answers and find out what really happened to my son."

Jonesboro police are under pressure from a community huddled around this family and are not allowed to release information to anyone due to the ongoing investigation.

Pressure is also building across the country but police tell us there's no new information in the case.