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What Happened To The School Supplies?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Memphis) Like many parents these days, Naandre Pressley says times are tough.

Going out and spending lots of money on school supplies simply isn't an option, which is why he was hoping to have already redeemed the voucher he showed us.

Pressley got the voucher for school supplies, along with thousands of other parents who attended a recent Memphis City Schools Family Literacy Conference.

He says they filled out paper work and an MCS officials said, "They'll tell us when and where to come pick it up."

However, school starts Monday and that hasn't happened.

"I was dependent on that voucher to get my kid's school supplies. I want answers to know why? What's the hold up?" adds Pressley.

We asked that very question of Trevor Thompson who coordinates the division at MCS that put on the conference, "We're very disappointed if parents feel like they're discouraged because they didn't get their school supplies."

Thompson said they never gave the impression that the supplies would be in before school started, "We didn't know any exact time-table and we wanted to be up front with the parents that we didn't know a time-table. That's why we gave them that information at the conference."

As for the delay, Thompson says the district is working with several partners to meet the demand.  

He wants parents to know the issue will be resolved, "At the end of the day, parents are gonna get their school supplies within the next couple of weeks."

Until then, Pressley says he'll have to come up with an alternate plan that to make sure his kids are ready for their first day, "I don't know how I'm a get 'em, but I'm gonna get 'em."

When we asked for that list of partners MCS is working with to get the supplies donated, our request was turned over to the legal department and we've yet to hear back.  

We'll keep you posted.