Local Church Helps “Get It Girl” Change Her Life

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(Memphis) – A woman who spent her life struggling with drugs, prostitution and many other problems makes a remarkable transformation from the inside out.

She gives all the thanks to a MidSouth church and God.

New Life Holiness is living up to its name. It’s helping to offer a new way of life to Jacqueline Phillips.

After 10 years of being homeless, addicted to drugs and just plain down and out, she says life is changing.

Phillips said, “I've been abused. I've been beat up. I've been raped. I had nowhere to go. The only place that had their doors open was here. “

The before and after pictures of Phillips show a drastic change.

Jacqueline nicknamed “Get It Girl” was often seen walking up and down Winchester and Riverdale talking to herself, even shouting at traffic passing by.

Then one day, she wandered into New Life Holiness Church of God In Christ.

“Jackie would come here. She would curse us out. She would curse the children out, “said Rev. Fredrick Smith.

She kept coming back and they kept laying out the welcome mat.

Smith said, “We just believed that was somebody's daughter. That was somebody's mother. Even though she would disrupt the service, we still tried to handle her in a Christian manner.”

Phillips talks about why she kept coming back.

Phillips said, “They kept their doors open when I was at my lowest point even with my attire that I had on. They never discriminated against me. They always kept my doors open. They gave me hope.”

This Sunday they celebrated Jacqueline in a special service.

They celebrated her new-found sobriety and her new outlook on life.

 “It feels good. I'm not used to feeling good after feeling bad so long,” said Phillips.

Phillips has not been through formal rehab.

She said her last request was denied. She’s counting on her relationship with God to continue her healing.

She leaves for North Carolina tomorrow where she will now live with her mother.

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