Tipton County Deputy Cleared After Shooting

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UPDATE: Deputies Cleared.

On Monday, November 5, 2012, the District Attorney General Mike Dunavant presented to the Tipton County Grand Jury the results of a T.B.I. investigation into the fatal shooting death of Charles Scooter McRaven, age 31, by Tipton County Deputy Sheriff Ryan Magee, on July 23, 2012, in Drummonds, Tennessee.  After a thorough review and consideration of all of the facts and circumstances of the incident, the Tipton Grand Jury agreed with the findings and recommendations of both the T.B.I. and the District Attorney that the use of deadly force by Deputy Magee was justified, proper, and necessary to stop the further threat of deadly violence being presented at the time by McRaven.  Therefore, the Grand Jury declined to return any indictment or presentment in the matter, or to assign any other criminal responsibility for the death of McRaven. 

The results of the T.B.I. investigation reveal that on July 23, 2012, Tipton County Deputies Ryan Magee and Tyler Huesling responded to a domestic disturbance call at 1653 Pryor Road, in Drummonds. On the scene, deputies were advised by Krystle Henry of a verbal altercation between her and her boyfriend, Charles Scooter McRaven.  Henry requested that the deputies escort her to their residence at 1619 Pryor Road so that she could obtain belongings to spend the night elsewhere. At 1619 Pryor Road, deputies found that the front door was locked and that Henry did not have a key. Deputies knocked at the door several times but did not receive a response. Deputy Tyler Huesling walked around the back of the residence as Deputy Ryan Magee continued to knock and announce their presence and purpose at the front door. Shortly thereafter, the front door opened and McRaven pointed a shotgun at Deputy Ryan Magee. Deputy Magee ordered McRaven to drop the gun, but he did not comply. Krystle Henry was standing directly next to Deputy Magee and witnessed the event unfold.  Deputy Ryan Magee then fired three shots with his service weapon to stop the threat by a deadly weapon, striking Charles Scooter McRaven twice.  EMS was immediately notified and responded to the scene. Charles Scooter McRaven was pronounced deceased at the scene at approximately 9:43pm.

Deputy Magee’s in car dash camera system was activated upon his exit from his patrol vehicle upon arrival to the residence.  The entire incident was captured on the video and audio recording from this system.  The T.B.I. responded to the scene, where they processed and collected evidence, and questioned all witnesses to the incident, including McRaven’s girlfriend, Krystle Henry, who witnessed the entire incident.  An autopsy was performed, and the toxicology results indicate that McRaven had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.221% at the time of the incident, and that levels of marijuana and Xanax were also detected in his blood.  The T.B.I also obtained and reviewed Deputy Magee’s law enforcement training records, and determined that his actions in this incident were consistent and in compliance with the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office use of force policy.  A review of arrest and court records indicates that McRaven was previously arrested and charged on two (2) separate occasions for the domestic assault of Krystle Henry in September, 2011 and February, 2012, and for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in May, 2012.   

Based upon the foregoing, the results of the T.B.I. investigation indicate that Deputy Magee’s use of deadly force in shooting McRaven was justified, proper, and necessary to stop the further threat of deadly violence being presented at the time by McRaven.  It is also clear from the circumstances of the shooting incident that McRaven was a dangerous and violent subject who posed a serious and immediate risk of serious bodily injury or death to both law enforcement officers as well as other persons in the immediate area.  “There is no question that Deputy Magee acted legally, appropriately, and just as he was trained to do when confronted with such a dangerous and unpredictable domestic violence situation”, said District Attorney Mike Dunavant.  As a result of the Tipton Grand Jury’s finding of justification in this matter, the Office of the District Attorney is closing its file in this case, and requesting that the T.B.I. do the same.       

(Drummonds, TN) Tipton County deputies shot and killed a man they say refused to put down a gun.

It happened Monday night when officers responded to a domestic violence call in the 1600 block of Pryor in Drummonds.

It's the second time in as many months a Tipton County deputy has used deadly force.

In June, an officer shot and killed a man who came at him with a knife.

Neighbors who live near the house where the shooting happened last night say they have heard the Charles Scooter McRaven and a woman there fight a number of times and say deputies have been to the home before to calm things down.

They weren't surprised to learn the man answered the door with a gun.

"He shoots all the time. He always got guns everywhere," said Moses Pryor.

Relatives say the woman who lives at the home had recently gotten a restraining order against the man and that she was the one who called deputies.

Deputies say they told the 31-year-old to drop the gun he was holding and when he didn't they were forced to open fire.

Those deputies, Deputy Sheriff Ryan Magee, 32, and Deputy Sheriff Tyler Huelsing, 24, are now on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Per standard procedure, the TBI has taken over the investigation.