Three Questioned in Deadly Hit and Run

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(Como, MS 7/23/2012) Seventeen year old Matthew Whitten Darby has been charged with murder in a deadly hit and run in Como, MS.
He also faces burglary charges for a church break-in and malicious mischief in connection with a church burglary.
An un-named 15-year-old faces charges of burglary
The un-named 18-year-old is still awaiting charges.

Sixty-one year-old John Butts was on his regular Sunday morning walk when a car hit him and didn’t stop. 

Butts was dragged about 70 feet, all the way down Highway 310.

The family of John Butts gathered to comfort each other, some were angry over what happened, and the way their loved one died.

”Not only was he hit, they left him, they just ran over him like he was road kill in the street and kept going." said sister, Patricia Jones.

Investigators aren’t talking, but sources close to the investigation say three teenagers, aged 15, 17 and 18 were driving East on 310, with Butts, walking the same direction, but on the other side of the road.

We’re told the 17-year-old behind the wheel of a white Monte Carlo may have intentionally crossed the highway to hit Butts, and drag him almost one hundred feet.

District Attorney John Champion said there’s enough evidence to warrant a murder charge in the case.

That does nothing to relieve Butts’ family.

”The relief will come when justice is done, when I see them prosecuted for what they did,” said sister Linda Jefferson.

Sheriff Dennis Darby says the case is in its very early stages, but says it looks like a very serious case.

That's leaving Butts’ family with some deep questions.

”Is this the world we’re living in, now?  Where a human life means nothing?  It’s very sad,” said Jones.

The District Attorney said he’s serious about this case and will make sure these young men will face all the punishment they’ve earned in this death.