Workers Sweating at Dollar General

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(Memphis) If you are looking for a reprieve from the sun, the Dollar General at Raines and Kirby may not be the place to go.

"I don`t know how they take it," said Shelly Turnage, a Hickory Hill resident.

And shoppers say they're most concerned for the workers.

"For them to work like that all day, that`s horrible," said a concerned shopper.

They've been sweating out in a store with no A/C while the heat index is well into the hundreds.  

Workers tell us it's been five days and the air conditioning unit is still in pieces in the back.

The store got hit by copper thieves but workers say they've been waiting for Dollar General to fix the situation.  

They say one worker already had an asthma attack and food is melting on the shelves.

"Take a look at this chocolate completely melted," said Reporter Sabrina Hall. "When I picked it up, the chocolate squirted out of the package onto my hands."

"I feel sorry for them," said shopper ."Hopefully they are drinking water because right now they are sweating."

"I think they should do something about it and have air or something because they aren't going to be able to make it," said Turmage.

And it turns out, the same situation happened just this month at a Dollar General store in South Bend, Indiana.  

It had no A/C for more than a week and the regional manager there ended up shutting down the store until the problem was fixed.  

But when we talked to the district manager in Memphis, he didn't know when relief was going to come.