Family Wonders If Woman Was Murdered For Being Gay

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(Memphis)  A growing memorial still sits at the spot where 20-year-old Marquita Jones was shot and killed Saturday.

There are still plenty of questions about who killed her.

Alexus Thomas says she was Jones' girlfriend for the last 4 months, "I know I am not ."," says Thomas.

Witnesses  told Thomas the shooter apparently waited for Jones to arrive home.

There had been a suspicious red truck parked near her apartment Saturday morning.

"They just heard "b--" and then a pow. It was not a normal gun shot," says Thomas.

Maruqita Jones' aunt, Diamone Mourning, said her niece's attraction to women was a problem for some men and that may have led to this final act of violence.

"My niece she was a player. She was a player. Men are intimidated now a days because you have so many studs out there that are willing to be there for the woman and do things men just ain't doing now a days. That is intimidation. That is hate," says Mourning,

Alexus Thomas told us Jones had been in other lesbian relationships and there had been an altercation a month ago.

But she doesn't think her girlfriend was killed by someone who hated her for being gay, "It wasn't about her lifestyle. If that was the case, everybody would be dead."

Diamond Mourning says that could have very well been it,  "She was flamboyant. She looked good and people were after her. There was always confrontations with her and someone elses partner."

Police say right now they are investigating the shooting as a homicide, but if there is sufficient evidence  that meets federal guidelines of a hate crime, it will be presented to the U.S. Attorney's office.

The shooter, meanwhile, is still on the loose.