Retired Detectives To Join Search For Lorenzen Wright Killer

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(Memphis)  It's been almost two years since Memphis basketball great and NBA star Lorenzen Wright was found murdered.

Since then, there have been few clues and no arrests.
Wright's family is still grieving as they search for answers and understanding.

Deborah Marion is Wright's mother, "It's not a cold case. I'm not going to let it be a cold case."
Wright's body was discovered in a Southeast Memphis field.

He had been shot several times.
Appearing on News Channel 3 Live at 9, his mother said her family has been staying in close contact with the Memphis Police Department, "Local police are really investigating. Colonel Riley, I talk with him regularly and he's always telling me they're working, they're doing this and checking on this. He can't tell me everything, but I know they are still working."
Still, Wright's mother is hoping some new investigators will help in finding her son's killer.

She's working with a Philadelphia-based group of retired investigators called the Vidocq Society, "They work on cases, but they only come after two years. They give the people and the town where the crime happened time to find, but they come to help."
The group, named after a famous french detective, should be arriving after July 18, the day Wright's body was found.

They work for free and usually take on cases at the request of police .

Marion said, "I just had to send them all the newspaper clippings and police reports because they want to get a jest of everything going on before they get here."
Regarding Wright's family, they are planning a vigil to remember a son, father and Memphis basketball legend.

Marion said, "I'm going to have it forever until I pass away because I don't want my son, he was too big of a person to be forgotten. So, I'm going to have this vigil for him every year."

The Remembering Lorenzen Wright Candlelight Vigil is Saturday night at 7:30 at FedExForum in downtown Memphis.