Police Investigate X-Rated Party

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(Memphis) - Video that was posted online promoting a racy Memphis party has captured the attention of police.

The party was thrown by a group called Team Taboo

WREG caught up with the spokesperson of the organization to talk about what Team Taboo does.

"It's an organization for the people of Memphis," Kenny Lee said. "People who don't have family we take them in."

That's how Kenny Lee originally described his organization Team Taboo.

The same group who promoted one of its community functions with a steamy video.

It shows young adult popping champagne bottles and engaging in various sex acts.

Some so explicit we can't show them on TV.

"I am not proud of the video. I was upset after watching it," he said.

Lee originally denounced the video and even wrote a statement to the media saying Team Taboo does not promote anything illegal or demeaning.

But after questioning Lee for several minutes he admitted his group did in fact release the video.

"We released the video," he said."We did."

He also admitted the groups real focus is on the party.

"We're an organization in the City of Memphis just like a number of the organizations. We're just more on the X-Rated side I would say," Lee said.

That X-Rated content captured in this video has captured the attention of local law enforcement.  They are trying to figure out if any laws were broken at the party held at Club Elements.  

"We are in the process to see what the owners knew.

What information they were privileged too. If we have enough, we'll proceed with public nuisance charges," Memphis Police Chief Tony Armstrong.

We couldn't get hold of Club Elements, but Lee says his group did nothing wrong. He added everyone at the party was consenting adults.

You had to be 18 years of age to get into that party," he said. "They I.D.'d everybody."
He also vowed his parties won't be stopping anytime soon.

"I mean we are party people you know what i mean," Lee said. "We get down."