Workers Filing a Lawsuit for Not Getting Paid

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Memphis) Wendy Hall says she's put a title lien on her car just to get some cash to pay the bills and feed her four children.

Still, her electricity is scheduled to be cut-off tomorrow.

She says she's been working as a nurse without getting paid.

"This is disgusting. A company that does this to people is disgusting," she said with tears in her eyes.

 She is one of many who work for Family Home Health Agency and who have called WREG asking for help.

They say despite working, they haven't received a pay check since May 31 and even their health insurance has been cut-off.

They say Family Home Health Agency hasn't given them many answers as to why.

"They informed us they've been robbing Paul to pay Peter and the board members were reluctant to meet with us so it makes us think a scheme is going on," said Marilyn Thomas, who has worked for the agency for seven years.

The agency is run by a group of board members.

The chairman is OC Pleasant. He's a former election commissioner for Shelby County. And the co-chair is Cleo Kirk, a former Shelby County Commissioner.

We stopped by both of their homes on Wednesday.

Neither was home but we did get Pleasant on the phone who said he had no comment on the situation.

"I want to say to them 'we want our money. We need to get paid'," said Thomas.

The Department of Labor is now investigating the non-profit and some of the nurses and others workers for Family Home Health Agency are banding together to file a lawsuit.

"I want people to know that companies that do this to their employees should not get away with this," said Hall.  "This is against the law."

Hall says so far seven workers have joined in on this lawsuit and the Department of Labor says a lawsuit is an effective way for them to collect those wages that they're owed.

But the Department also says it paid a visit to the agency Wednesday and believes the non-profit will be paying its employees soon.

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