Baptist Opens DeSoto Wound Care Center

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(DeSoto County, MS)  Baptist cut the ribbon on it’s new wound care center In DeSoto County Wednesday.

The clinic will provide important follow-up care to patients with chronic, or healing wounds, faster than they can get it at the hospital.

We all get cuts and scrapes all the time. 

Some need immediate medical attention, others don’t, or so we think.

Many times, small wounds not cared for can become big problems, especially for people with underlying health problems like diabetes.

”It’s very common. About 6 million Americans suffer from problem wounds and Mississippi is the second state for diabetic wounds,” said Dr. Aliya Ahmed.

That’s why Baptist opened a new wound care center just across the street from Baptist DeSoto Hospital.

It’s a place where those hurt, and wounded can get proper follow-up care to keep a bad problem from getting worse.

Doctors and nurses here specialize in managing wound cases in all their different forms.

You’ll find all the latest equipment and soon the office will have a hyperbaric chamber that will speed oxygen to problem areas and stimulate healing.

It’s not the first place you’d go for treatment of a serious wound, but it’s the place for follow-up care after the Emergency Room, and the wait is a lot shorter.

”Wounds take a long time to heal and that’s what we are here for, that they have some follow-up place after the ER where we can follow and we can help them thought their healing process” Dr. Ahmed explained.

How busy will the new wound care center be? 

Baptist anticipates it’ll treat at least one hundred patients a week at its new center.