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Update: Child On Life Support After Sunday Pool Accident

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Update: Ava passed away in June 2012. Read MORE
From Ava’s Uncle Eric 6/27:


First of all, thank you all so much for all of your cares. i am terribly sorry for all the confusion from the various social, verbal, and media sources.

i’m just so grateful that you have loved us and prayed along side of us, and i want you to know that i’m so sorry for the time that you’ve struggled with the conflicting stories. i am personally responsible for the ………confusion that came from my own statements to one of the news crews when i said that we are certain that Ava is with the Lord Jesus Christ.

so without further delay, here goes all i know:
we were gathered as family and told today that her tests revealed that she currently has no activity in or blood flow to her brain. the doctors recommended removing her from life support sometime wednesday, and that there is no hope that her body will recover. so there’s the “professional” opinion. i’m not a doctor. i do know that God made everything, He made the rules, and He made Ava. these doctors and staff have been absolutely amazing and have worked so hard to save our precious baby, and i have no doubt that they’re the best on earth. AND they can give you solid testimony that miracles do happen that leave them absolutely baffled in awe of God and his mighty works that save children from “no- hope” situations with great frequency.

Ava is currently on life support, and our Creator is fully capable of reviving her in every possible way if He chooses. we pray for that miracle, we and every single one of you. we hope for improvement in her physical condition before the time they’ve mutually decided on tomorrow- at which time of course we would keep praying, hoping, fighting.

if He sees it fit to bring Ava into His glorious, eternal kingdom where there is NO suffering and only total and complete love of God, then we rejoice in that completely. As my baby brother Will, Ava’s loving father with the heart of a Lion, put it upon receipt of the news: “God is so good and his will will be done, and i totally submit to that… i’m not angry at all, i’m just so grateful”.

thank you people by the massive multitudes who have stood alongside of us in total commitment to prayer for Ava Grace- i just could never say how much we have needed you, drawn strength from you, cherished you, and will eternally be grateful for every single one of you all across the globe forever and ever no matter the outcome.

WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP!!! we surrender to the will of the ONLY one who has power, the ONLY one who is Holy, the ONLY one who is sovereign and has complete wisdom and perfect love for every single one of us. we have prayed on our knees with our faces in pools of tears on the floor for a miracle and WE FULLY EMBRACE THE ENOURMOUS, NON- STOP MIRACLES WE HAVE EXPERIENCED AND THE GLORY OUR GOD HAS BROUGHT HIMSELF AND AVA THROUGH ALL OF THIS REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME.

we trust in Him. there is a shred of a chance that she’ll stay on earth with us, but that’s all any of us ever has. we’re not meant for this place. praise God that we’re not doomed to live in this rotting world forever. Jesus WILL COME AGAIN and make all things new!

please keep praying for Ava, for us. we need you more than ever. embrace each other. take not a single breath for granted and above all TREASURE our REDEEMER JESUS CHRIST.

it is my confident belief that Ava is sitting in the shining company of her creator as i write this, in all of His glory- waiting joyfully for the goodness of His will to be revealed, just like us and you are.


your friend and brother in Christ,

(Memphis) A 3-year-old girl from Collierville remains on life support after nearly drowning in a pool on Sunday.

Tuesday night family and friends gathered at Le Bonheur for a vigil to honor Ava Grace Hart's life.

"Those smiles that you see, she wasn't smiling for the camera, she was smiling since the day she was born," her uncle Eric Hart said.

They say they Ava was a little girl with a zeal for life and a love of God.Her big smile captured the hearts of people across the globe on Facebook. Hundred of people sent  prayers for the family.

Tuesday night family and friends prayed for a miracle that Ava would pull through. But they say if she doesn't they plan on donating her organs to other kids at Le Bonheur so her legacy will live on.

"Familes will be blessed and they'll cry out 'Thank God' for answering their prayers  with tissues and organs that Ava will provide," Hart said.

It's not clear what happened, but Ava Grace Hart was being treated at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.

Friends and family were sending support and prayers in person and also through social media such as Facebook.

The MidSouth Animal Rescue League turned their page over to providing updates on the young girl.

A post indicates Ava's father, Will, is known for his work with pit bull advocacy and rehabilitation.

A prayer vigil was held Tuesday night on the lawn in-front of Le Bonheur.