Authorities Seize 1,000 Pounds of Marijuana Headed For Memphis

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(Memphis) Two men driving a truck from Houston to Memphis were stopped in Jasper, Texas, with 1,000 pounds of marijuana.

Henry Hernandez and Enar David Zuniga were both charged with delivery of marijuana between 500 and 2,000 pounds, according to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department.

According to radio station KJAS, one of the men is a sex offender from New Jersey. The other is from North Carolina. The truck they were driving had a Tennessee license plate.

The Texas Department of Public Safety showed a picture of 90 bundles of marijuana, wrapped in cellophane and coated with a greasy substance. The bundles were hidden by plywood behind rolls of carpet.

In March, Memphis police seized 920 pounds of marijuana, also off a truck from Texas going through the Memphis area.

“Interstate 40 is a major corridor, within the U.S., and unfortunately it is often the chosen route for persons who are transporting illegal substance or involved with other criminal activities,” said Lt. Brad Wilbanks of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

THP’s Interdiction Plus as well as local drug task forces in Shelby County constantly work to keep illegal drugs off the streets. Wilbanks said officers, with the help of K-9 dogs, are always looking for possible drugs being transported through the area.

“You don’t want it getting in anyone’s hands, especially children, young people. Those kinds of things. And that’s why we’ve just got to battle. We try to catch it before it’s there, and that way it’s not an issue for that community,” he said.

Jerry Pickens, who is traveling through the Memphis area, said he’s familiar with the major freeways here. While 1,000 pounds of marijuana is a lot, Pickens said he wouldn’t be surprised if this happens often.

“If they caught them one time, then I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the first time it happened,” Pickens said.

Other drivers in the area said they’re glad this seizure possibly made a dent in the local illegal drug market.

If that 1,000 pounds of marijuana arrived on the streets of Memphis, Wilbert Matthews said, “It would be open season.”