Teen Arrested for Turning Bus Yard Into Demolition Derby

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(Memphis) Two teenagers have been busted for playing demolition derby in a school bus lot and a third is still on the run.

Police say the trio damaged 31 buses at Durham Bus Services on Getwell late Monday night.

General Manager Laura Warren said in her 20 years in the business she's never seen damage like that.

Her buses are banged up and broken, one is likely totaled.

"I think they used that one as a target," said Warren.

Police say late Monday night the teens got on the lot, found keys on some of the buses and turned them into wrecking machines.

Tresia Curry's bus was one of the ones hit, "I know they tore off a passenger side rear view mirror."

Police were able to get pictures of the teens from cameras on the buses.

Two 14-year-olds were arrested Wednesday.

They are all facing seven counts of burglary and 24 counts of vandalism.

Durham, which services MCS, says it will could cost up to $200,000 to repair and replace buses.

"They are just fortunate. Everything here can be replaced, but they are really fortunate they didn't injure themselves or one of the other young adults hanging with them," said Warren who will be scrambling to get the buses repaired before the new school year.

Durham Bus Services say drivers are not supposed to leave keys in their buses, but it sometimes happens when they are returning to the lot from a field trip late in the day.