Trees, Power lines Toppled in Storm

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(Memphis) - Pots catch dripping water coming from the roof of Lindsey Brasuell's home.

"It's a mess and it smells bad, because it's wet," Brasuell said. "All the insulation, the wood, and plaster from the ceilings is in there, little pieces of tree trunks are in there. So it's just bad."

During Mondays powerful thunderstorms a tree crashed right onto her roof and through the ceiling of her son's bedroom. It left a gaping hole and water an inch deep on the floor.

"I'm glad nobody was home and it wasn't at night because it's right over my sons bed. Literally right there on his bed."

Storms ripped through the area around 4 p.m. Winds gusts were reportedly over 60 miles per hour, and toppled hundreds of trees and power lines in the storm's path.

Traffic backed up on James Road after a wooden electric pole snapped taking power lines down with it.

On North Parkway a large tree fell blocking the road and backing up traffic for blocks.

Across town on Mullins Station a car was crushed by a downed tree. Luckily no one was inside when the tree came crashing down.

In Cordova, a News Channel 3 viewer captured this video of hail pounding her front yard.

But after an afternoon of havoc, no lives were reported lost.