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Labor Of Love To Free Trapped Kitten

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(Memphis) A kitten rescued from a sewage pipe early Friday is getting some national attention with her own twitter page.

The kitten somehow got down a pipe in front of an abandoned house on Waring in Northeast Memphis and may have been stuck down there for days.

The V.P. of Operations of Greenway Home Services, two of his plumbers and some other employees spent around ten hours trying to free the kitten from the pipe.

Long after city workers and a plumbing company had cleared the scene Greenway Home Services was still there digging to get close to the cat.

They eventually used a camera, put down the pipe to get a look at the kitten, to nudge her out.

The company also started a twitter page @mypipekitty to post pictures and keep folks updated on the status of the kitten.

At around 4am Saturday they finally got the cat out.

"It was a combination of relief. We don't have to stay anymore. It was exciting. It was pretty neat," said Mike Wilson.

Wilson says his family plans to adopt the kitten.

It's now being cared for at The Humane Society.

Greenway Home Services also plans to keep the twitter page up to recognize other animal advocates and make donations in their names to The Humane Society.