Boardmember Secretly Discussed Contract Buyout with Kriner Cash

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(Memphis) Two men, one school district, and a 23-member school board, many have different ideas about which leader should stay once city and county schools are merged.

Board member Billy Orgel admitted he talked to city superintendent, Dr. Kriner Cash about buying out his contract.  The conversation which Orgel calls informal has angered other board members.

“Who initiated, brought the subject up, who either requested it or demanded it? That's what I'm asking” asked Teresa Jones.

"It was a very heated exchange. I'm going to say I don't recall" responded Orgel.

"Exchange between who?" asked Jones.

"Dr. Cash and myself" responded Orgel.

 Orgel said the school's attorney and Dr. Cash's attorney were involved in the talks but still other members say they are being kept in the dark.

“When has the board met or discussed or even talked about the buyout of the contract of cash or Aitken? The board hasn't had any votes one way or the other” said Martavius Jones, Unified School Board Member.

The board talked to their lawyers, and ended the meeting. They set a new one next week this time discussing the non-renewal of Dr. Cash's contract and County Superintendent John Aitkens.