Memphis Animal Shelter Admits Dog Accidentally Euthanized

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UPDATE 6/13- The Memphis Animal Shelter has admitted a dog it picked up was euthanized just a day later.

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(Cordova) A woman searching for her lost dog fears the Memphis Animal Shelter may have euthanized it after making several mistakes in the intake process.

Victoria Henry says she came home from work and her two dogs Uno and Nola were missing.

She put up signs around the neighborhood and got call from a neighbor who said he saw the dogs being picked up by a Shelby County Animal Control worker.

So Henry went to the animal shelter and that’s when bad news turned worse.

“I’m praying that she’s somewhere out there, because that’s my baby,” said Henry.

Henry says her two dogs are like her children, but now she only has one.

“I want her to be alive, but I’m afraid she’s been euthanized. That’s my biggest fear,” said Henry.

Nola and Uno dug out from under the fence of her Cordova backyard May 3rd.

When she found out animal control had picked them up she went to the Shelter to find them.

She got Uno back May 10th, but Nola was nowhere to be found.

“We had a really tight bond, me and Nola, and sometimes I think Uno would get jealous because he was my baby first,” said Henry.

Memphis Animal Shelter Director James Rogers says the officer who picked the dogs up didn’t take a proper picture of Nola.

The dogs also have chips with their contact information, but those were never scanned.

When Nola was brought into the shelter a clerk typed April 4th instead of May 3rd for Nola’s intake take, leaving her lost in the system.

The Shelter says they cannot confirm is Nola has been euthanized or no, and they can’t look back at security tapes because they were taped over after fourteen days.

Ms. Henry has searched the shelter three times and cannot find Nola.

The shelter says they are reviewing how to hand over animals with workers, and the officer and clerk who messed up are being punished.

The shelter would not confirm what is being done to punish them, but they say it could range from oral discipline to termination.

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