South Memphis Father Dies in Wife’s Arms

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(Memphis) A father of three, with another child on the way, was gunned down on his South Memphis front porch.

"I put his head on my knee and rocked. He just started bleeding and coughing up blood," said widow, Malika Thomas.

Early Sunday morning when her husband, 37-year-old Adrian Thomas, bled to death in her arms.

Thomas said, her husband got into an argument with another man on the porch of their West Davant home.

The other man, who she doesn't know, started shooting.

"I screamed and I hollered, please somebody call 911,come get him," said Thomas.

She`s trying to figure out how she`ll tell her three young children, their father was shot and killed while they were sleeping, "My son asked, 'Is daddy still going to take us to the park, so we can have chips today?' You know what I told my son, I said yes." 

Malika is also pregnant with a fourth a child, "We were just talking about baby names."

Police are looking for information on the man who Thomas says, stole her husband from her.

She`s sending out a plea to Memphis, " Stop the violence, stop using these guns, please work your problems out." said Thomas.

A problem that wasn`t worth the life of her best friend.

" We laughed so hard one time, I thought we was going to have the baby early." said Thomas.

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call CrimeStoppers at (901)528-CASH.