Dog With Head Stuck In Container Rescued

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(Memphis) The search for a dog whose head has been stuck in a container for more than a day has a happy ending.  

Jess McClain and about a dozen others searched for hours Saturday the helpless dog, "If someone tied you up and went to go beating you or attacking you, there is nothing you can do. Same thing with that dog,  if another dog came up and attacked him he can’t do a thing, or eat or drink?"

Friday, McLain saw a Facebook post alerting everyone the dog was seen wandering around near the wooded area off I-40 and the Raleigh Jackson Avenue exit.

Others saw a post on the News Channel 3 Facebook page.

“We have to get her, she doesn’t have a whole lot of time with that on her head," said fellow rescuer, Beth Gresham.

Gresham spotted the dog Friday morning and snapped a picture. 

She says, she tried to help the dog but the startled canine ran back into the woods.

She’s not sure if someone put the container over the dog’s head on purpose, or if the dog accidentally became stuck while it was trying to get something to eat, “There was a little room so that she can get air, but the hotter it gets, the less oxygen she is going to get.”

Gresham says sadly, this story is one of many, believing there are countless dogs in Memphis who are dumped by careless owners.

Like a puppy rescuers found Saturday morning in the same woods as the search and are now taking care of.

Early Saturday evening, we were told the dog in distress was found and taken to veterinarian where the container was removed.