Possible Airline Moves

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(Memphis)   Their uniforms may say Delta, but many of the workers at Memphis International actually work for Pinnacle Airlines. Delta hired the Memphis based company to operate a chunk of its flights here and across the country.  So, while all the stuff says Delta, the paychecks say Pinnacle.  Thousands of people in the Mid-South work for them, for now.

The airline is losing money and looking for any way to cut back. Economic development companies in Minnesota swear there are savings there.  They want Pinnacle to pack up and get out of the Mid-South, bringing everyone from high paid executives to luggage handlers along with them.  

“The people who live here pump dollars in our economy, gas, food, everything we need to do to function they're helping to support. If they leave it brings a trickle down affect” said Michelle Hayes, a local realtor.

City councilman Harold Collins said Memphis leaders will work with the airline to keep them in their downtown headquarters.

“Whatever Pinnacle thinks they may need assistance with we're going to help provide that and at the end of the day there's no place like Memphis, they know that” said Collins.

The airline says this is home but spokesman Joe Williams added, "Every opportunity to reduce costs will be considered."