Municipality School Campaigns Underway

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(Collierville) On August 2nd, voters in Bartlett, Lakeland, Collierville, Millington, and Arlington will go to the polls to vote on whether or not they want their own school system. Now, it's time for the campaigns.

This week, the mayor of Collierville wrote a letter to all of residents and published it in the Collierville Hearld.

It's his first step in getting the word out that on the upcoming August 2nd ballot, voters will be asked three important questions.

  1. Do you want to establish a school district and fund it with the minimum the state requires?  
  2. Do you want to elect school board?
  3. Are you willing to increase the sales tax by one half cent to pay for the district.

"It will affect everyone in the town of Collierville not just the property owners. that half cent sales tax increase. And, all the people that come to participate in retail in the town of Collierville will be supporting our schools," said Mayor Stan Joyner, Collierville.

The plan is to take over the eight schools In Collierville and educate the approximately 8,000 students.

"The town of Collierville has no plans to spend taxpayer money to create any kind of campaign to promote this. The main thing we want residents to be we want them to be informed," said Joyner.

Paying for any kind of campaign is going to have to be done by grass-roots organizations.

Better Bartlett Schools put a request form for campaign signs on its website.

Within hours of doing so, they had more than 150 people ask for them.

In Collierville, the design for signs is ready, also.

"We're kind of doing a grass roots, little fundraising campaigning to get some money raised for the signs that we want to have printed up just to make sure people are aware of the referendum in August," said Terry Dean, supports Collierville Municipal Schools.

Those supporting the referendum are also using social media to promote voting for municipal districts.

What News Channel 3 has not seen is any organized effort within the surburbs to vote down municipal districts.