Family Rides Out Storm As Roof Rips Away

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(Earle, AR)    Ben Williams and his family were inside their home, when a line of severe weather moved in to their area.

“The walls started shaking real bad and next thing I knew my roof was in my backyard” said Williams.

Large sections of his roof sat behind his mobile home Thursday night. Debris littered his lawn and the wind bent a chain link fence and uprooted some of the support beams.

Power poles were pulled from the ground, bricks toppled over at an area church, and an abandoned mobile home looked like a pile of trash after it was hit by the fast-moving storm.

The system crossed the Mississippi River and caught most everyone's attention.  In Millington, Paul Clark was watching TV with friends when a tree fell through the wall.

“We were just pushing each other trying to go out and everything.  I'm just glad we got out safely and everybody's alright” said Clark.

Crews worked into the night trying to repair power lines, and replace poles, while families affected patched their homes and hoped for the best.