Batesville Mother Charged With Child Neglect

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(Batesville, MS) – A Batesville, MS, mother was arrested and charged with Child Neglect after she allegedly left her six-month-old daughter in the car while she went in to get groceries.

“Use common sense”, said Christine Spraggin, who added that she could never dream of leaving her two grandchildren in the car unattended while she went into a store.

“They could get heat stroke or anything or somebody could pass by in a car and kidnap them,” she said.

Luckily, the six-month-old child in this case was not injured, but the mother, Maria Fudge, was arrested and charged with child neglect. This incident allegedly happened at Piggly Wiggly in Batesville, MS.

Maria was unavailable to talk to News Channel 3 on Thursday, but her husband, Mike, said he believes his wife never should have been arrested. He says she was only in the store for four to five minutes.

“The lines are long,” said Brittany Short, who shops at Piggly Wiggly. “You can't say you're going to go in there for a minute when you don't know how long the line is.”

Fudge says the baby was asleep and Maria didn't want to wake her up, so she cracked the windows and took a baby monitor with her to keep a watch on the child.

“That's still not an excuse,” said Spraggin. “Any children, you don't leave them in the car unattended.”

The city prosecutor couldn't give much information on this case because he says laws protect cases involving a minor, but Spraggin says this is a good reminder to all parents that no amount of convenience is worth putting a child in danger.

“If you care about your kid, you wouldn't leave them unattended,” she said. “Common sense.”

Fudge said his wife is not from this country. He says she’s been here for two years and is still learning the laws.

Maria Fudge is due in court on June 20th.