Day Care Fire Affects North Memphis Neighborhood

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(Memphis) A day care in North Memphis was heavily damaged in a Wednesday fire, and while fire investigators aren't saying much about what sparked the flames, parents say this fire is more damaging than just to the property.

"It's going to hurt my little grandson, cause now we're gong to have to find him somewhere else to go," says Deloris Miller.  She's upset the Toys Rainbow Learning Center is forced to close.

The toys are in a charred heap.  The structure -- burned.  It's a sad reminder of what used to be a fixture at 2411 Jackson Avenue.

"I sit out here all the time. I know that ain't supposed to be happening," says neighbor Marcellus Todd.  He lives a couple doors away and was one of the first to call 911.

"The smoke. Yea, I seen the smoke and like I said the smoke was getting larger and larger. And I got up and walked around to the fence, the corner fence, and looked. And that's when I seen all the fire."

LaCedric Crawford was even closer to the action.  He lives next door, and the intense heat melted the siding on his home.

"Well, all I know is I was in the bathroom. And from the start I just saw flames coming through our bathroom window. So I came out and my momma and my step daddy was already out here."

Fire investigators interviewed day care workers Thursday and couldn't comment on the fire.  they did say while the Toys Rainbow Learning Center didn't have a sprinkler system, it did have smoke alarms to pass previous inspections.

"It's going to hurt some working people," said Miller, who was about to enroll her grandson at Toys.

"I went to see what it was like and speak to somebody and see what it was we had to do to get him in. And the lady explained stuff to me and she gave me some little key chains."

Despite firefighters controlling the fire within an hour, it's still a heartbreaking loss to many in the community.