Man Tries To Photograph Miss Tennessee Erin Hatley In Tanning Booth

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(Jackson, TN) A Bells, TN man is charged with trying to take pictures of a woman as she was tanning at the Island Tan and Swimwear at 1478 Union University Dr. in Jackson. 

That woman happens to be the reigning Miss Tennessee. 

Nicholas Vestal is charged with attempt to commit unlawful photographing in violation of privacy. 

According to Jackson, TN police, “Soon after she (Erin Hatley) entered a tanning booth, she noticed a cell phone extended over a free-standing wall between her booth and the adjoining booth. She yelled and the individual immediately removed the cell phone.” 

Hatley immediately alerted a salon employee. 

Police say Vestal rented the booth next to Hatley, “He heard someone enter the booth beside him. Without knowing who the person was, he anticipated that this person would soon be undressing.” 

Police examined current and deleted photos on Vestal’s phone but found nothing inappropriate. 

In court, Vestal pleaded guilty and issued a public apology to Hatley who was in the courtroom. 

Vestal was ordered to perform three days of community service work and was placed on supervised probation for six months. 

A mental health evaluation was also ordered and he was banned from all Island Tan and Swimwear properties as well as having no contact with Hatley. 

Hatley was crowned Miss Tennessee in June, 2011.