Rape Incident Ties James Willie to Highway Shootings

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(Memphis) Authorities say 28-year-old James Willie is the man they've been hunting for the last ten days, But for three of them He was already locked up.
They say four days after he shot Lori-Ann Carswell on Highway 713, he was arrested for another crime: raping a woman on a dark county road.
Tunica County Sheriff KC Hamp says the woman had approached Willie's car for help.
"She went to the vehicle to get some help to come over to the sheriff's office to make a report but he failed to bring her to the sheriff's office," said Hamp.  "He went to another location."
Sheriff camp says after the rape, the victim tried to get away by running through a field and Willie shot at her. And the shell casing that was left behind tied him to the highway murders. After Willie was arrested for the rape, authorities send the shell casing and his gun to a State crime lab.  Two days later, the results came back a positive match.
"We have a lot of information and evidence that link him to the crime so we are good without a confession," said Hamp.
Authorities say they don't yet know how Willie got his two murder victims to pull onto the side of the highway.  They have found no evidence of him impersonating a cop, But they believe the motive was robbery.
Tunica County District attorney says Willie was a known crack addict with past run-ins with the law.