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Gary Bain Makes Statement to Public as Wife and Daughter are Memorialized

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(Somerville, TN) The murders and kidnapping of the Bain family in Whiteville are still devastating the community.

Today family and friends had a chance to say goodbye.

Jo Ann and Adrienne Bain were memorialized at a private funeral in Somerville Friday.

Meanwhile, Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain are still being interviewed by the FBI about what happened when they were kidnapped and held captive in the woods by Adam Mayes.

Gary Bain said he is destroyed by the senseless crimes and is grieving the death of his wife Jo Ann and daughter Adrienne.

But he says there is a silver lining in that dark cloud, because his youngest girls are now safe with him after Mayes kidnapped them from his home.

For the first time Gary Bain is speaking to the public through a family spokesperson.

“Mr. Bain wishes to thank all law enforcement, anyone who had anything to do with it. The TBI, FBI and all the sheriff’s departments,” said family spokesperson David Livingston.

“He certainly wants to thank the public at large because we feel like the public interest cause a great deal of help for everyone to recover these children,” said Livingston.

It was a tip from the public that helped authorities find Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain after they were kidnapped by Mayes.

“The girls are doing exceptionally well given the circumstances. Obviously anyone would know that they’re grieving. That’s a natural process and it runs its ups and downs,” said Livingston.

Adam Mayes was a close family friend and even spent the night with the Bain family the night before the murders.

Early the next morning, he and Gary Bain were supposed to go to Arizona together in light of their upcoming move.

“Not in a million years was there anything ever considered that this man had any kind of dark side like this,” said Mayes.

Mayes used to refer to the girls as his own.

“Do we really know what Adam Mayes though? That’s almost impossible, but when confronted he would admit they were not his children,” said Livingston.

Livingston says there is no way those children were his and Gary and Jo Ann Bain had a “strong marriage and she was not that type of lady.”