Detectives Investigate 2 MS Highway Shootings in 1 week

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(Tunica County, MS) Mississippi investigators are looking into the second shooting in a week that's left someone dead on a North Mississippi Highway.

Lori Carswell of Hernando was found dead early Friday morning on MS Highway 713, just north off MS Highway 3

Tuesday, a 74-year-old Nebraska man, Tom Schlender, was shot to death while riding along Interstate 55 near Pope.

No one has been arrested in either shooting.

Debra Echtenkamp is shaken after hearing her neighbor Lori Carswell's death, "I'm going to miss her." 

According to detectives, Carswell's body was found early Friday morning, lying in the road, she had been shot and her car was also found nearby.

Neighbors tell us Carswell lived alone in Hernando and worked at a Tunica casino.

They believe she was on her way home when she was killed.

The news also rattles neighbor Melanie Tower who says with detectives not knowing who killed Carswell, she wont allow her four young kids to play in the front yard.

"Being right there, I hope nobody comes around to the house looking for anything, now I'm constantly going to be on the lookout," said Tower.

What's more disturbing to neighbors, investigators aren't sure who shot and killed a 74-year-old man earlier this week off Interstate 55 about 70 miles away.
Investigators say it's too early to tell if the shootings are related.

Tom Schlender's family says, the shooters have ruined two families lives.

"When they are found and convicted we will have satisfaction knowing they will spend the rest of his life in a 6 by 9 cell. That's their fate," said Schlender's son-in-law, Matt Anderson.

Until they're found, Echtenkamp said its going to be hard, "I'm going to try my best to help the family in any form." 

If you know anything about the shootings, call the Mississippi Bureau of Investigators at (662) 563-6400.