Adam Mayes’ Brother Describes Fear in the Family

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(Cherokee County, SC) The brother of an accused murderer and kidnapper told a South Carolina TV station his family feared Adam Mayes.

Johnny Mayes said he had not been in contact with his brother or parents in more than a decade, out of choice.

"I parted ways with the family about 16 years ago," Johnny Mayes said.

He described how Adam controlled their parents and turned them against him.

"Anyone that was directly involved with Adam pretty much lived in fear, you know."

That fear was recently shared by the entire Mid-South as authorities searched day and night for Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain. On Thursday, the Bain sisters were found alive in the woods, with Adam Mayes.

When Johnny Mayes found out his brother then took his life, he said he felt "relief. The first thing I wanted to know was, are the girls ok?"

The girls were slightly dehydrated, but fine. Their mother, JoAnn, and their older sister Adrienne, however, were killed the week before. Adam Mayes is accused of murdering them.

Johnny Mayes believes that murder was driven by Adam's desire to call Alexandria and Kyliyah his daughters.

"He thought the youngest two girls were his," he said.

Johnny Mayes said he and his four siblings will not be mourning Adam for long.

"We don't even plan on claiming the body. That's...that's just how we feel."

The one positive thing that has come out of this tragedy, is Johnny Mayes reunited with his father after 16 years. He brought his father home to South Carolina.

"Last night he was sleeping in one recliner, I was sleeping in the other, and I said 'I love you, Dad,' and he said 'I love you, son', know."

Johnny Mayes' only wish is that Alexandria and Kyliyah could tell their mother the same.

Johnny's mother, Mary Mayes, is charged as an accessory to the kidnapping and murders. He said he believes her fear of Adam kept her from doing the right thing and turning him in.