Apartment Complex With $10,000 Water Bill Facing Shut-Off

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(Memphis) Dawn Branum showed me the letter she received from MLGW saying her water was going to be shut off along with everyone else living at the Highland Hills Apartments.

“Water is a necessity,” said Branum. “I have two children and I have a dog. How are we going to bathe, how are we going to flush toilets, how am I going to wash my dishes, how am I going to cook,” she added.

The notice said management at the Mt. Moriah apartment complex has not paid the water bill, despite Branum and others paying them a utility fee every month. 

She said the same thing happened almost two years ago and the water was out for two to three days.

“There was a big riot going on at the front office,” she said. “It was just crazy.”

Branum told us she had to make special accommodations back then and doesn't want to have to do it again.

“It wasn't pretty,” she said. “I had to actually go to Kroger and buy gallons of water, that way I can have flushing toilets and water to wash my dishes and things like that.”

We tried to find out what the deal was, but the maintenance guy asked us to leave at the manager’s request.

But before leaving, he said the water bill was paid a day before that notice was sent out.

According to MLGW, that was not true.

They told us the complex owes more than $10,000, but only has to pay $3,000 to keep the water running.0

If not, Branum says the options for her family could dry up.

“What do I have to look forward to,” she asked. “If the water gets shut off and can't be turned back on, we don't have the money to move somewhere else, so that our family can have running water.”

MLGW said the complex called them Wednesday to let them know a payment would be made by phone by the end of the day.

The notice gives Highland Hills until May 15th to make a payment.