Big St. Jude Donation Coming Via ‘Undercover Boss’ TV Show

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(Memphis) A big donation coming St. Jude's way thanks in part to the popular CBS Show 'Undercover Boss.'

One of the winners of a national contest sponsored by the show, is giving all his prize money to the children's research hospital.

Earlier this year, CBS launched the 'Undercover Boss Star Employee Bonus Contest.'

Bosses from across the country were invited to log on to and nominate an employee.

Jessica Wynkoop, an AT&T Manager in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, won the contest and a $10,000 dollar prize.

Her boss, Travis Seidel, who nominated her, also won $10,000 and plans to give it all to St. Jude.

Seidel says there was never any question about what he would do with the money, "My wife and I are fortunate to have two daughters who are smart, happy and healthy and there are a lot of people out there who aren't as fortunate. So we wanted to give to those who aren't as fortunate."

St. Jude hasn't officially been notified about the gift yet, but is thrilled.

Seidel says he and his family give whatever they can to St. Jude every year and he never imagine he would be able to give so much at one time.

"I'm very honored to have the opportunity to present this $10,000. You know, that can change the life of quite a few children. I'm very happy," said Seidel.

'Undercover Boss' airs Fridays at 7pm on WREG-TV.