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Mother Charged in Hot Wings Restaurant Stabbing

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UPDATE 5/2: Memphis police have charged 41-year-old Sherrie Booker with aggravated assault.

Police say she went to the restaurant with her daughter to retrieve her daughter's personal items after her daughter was sent home by the manager.

Investigators say Booker admitted to cutting the manager with a box cutter during the argument.


(Memphis) Caitlin Bower and her friend David Glore were playing a card game at this comic store when the attack happened.

"This woman coming out with a knife swinging it at some guy his shirt was ripped and he was bleeding." said Bower

The wife of the owner of Don Don's wing shop says the longtime manager and a longtime employee started arguing in the store filled with customers and even young children.

Reportedly the manager asked the employee to leave and she pulled out a knife and stabbed him, and the manager's wife who happened to be in the store, she was staved as well

"It was kinda a surreal moment, not one of those things you expect to see in real life and you wonder if it's actually happening. I had her pull me back inside because I'm staring at the scene and not thinking it could happen to me next." said Bower.

Police say the manager is in critical condition at the hospital, no word on any charges just yet.