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Man Finds Missing Woman’s Van After Seeing WREG Story

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(Bolivar, TN) The man who found the SUV belonging to a still missing Hardeman County mom and her daughters said he thought it was just out of gas until he watched News Channel 3.

The Bain family's SUV was found on a road east of Bolivar, TN three days after the mother and three daughters were reported missing.

The Bain’s vanished without a trace and finding their SUV only raises more questions.

A dirt road in Hardeman County, TN is where investigators found Joann Bain's Dodge Durango.

Bain and three of her daughters, 14-year-old Adrienne, 12-year-old Alexandria and 8-year-old Kailea were last seen in the Durango last Friday morning on their way to Arizona.

Antwan Herron said he saw the SUV on the side of the road Friday afternoon and it was still there when he went out Friday night, “Saturday morning when I come in, this truck was still there. That's kind of odd you know. So I'm thinking maybe they run out of gas, maybe they're having car trouble.”

Herron said the SUV was there all day Sunday.

It wasn't until the next day Herron connected it to Joann Bain, someone he went to high school with, “Monday morning when we seen the Channel 3 News, we had seen that it was a vehicle like that had been missing.”

Monday, Gary Bain, Joann's husband told us he wanted to wait to talk until Hardeman County deputies said it was ok.

But he did post a message on Joann’s Facebook page saying he loved her and the girls and "Please call or just come home. There is nothing we can't work through together. We always have and I hope we always will."

No one answered the door at the Bain home Tuesday, the last place the missing mother and her daughters were seen.

Even people who don't live in Hardeman County or know the Bain's are talking about the disappearance.