Computer Technology Used as Tutor

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(Memphis) One on one learning is expensive and hard to come by.

Even in classroom settings, teachers can only devote but so much time to each student.

That is one reason that Autotutor, a computer technology has been developed at the University of Memphis.

Professor Dr Art Graesser has worked on the technology since 1997.

The technology uses a camera on the computer to gauge the students emotions and apply it to learning.

"If you’re confused your eyebrows change and to some extent you mouth changes.When you’re bored you have a different facial expression," explained Dr. Graesser.

The program uses a face grid that can detect mouth movements and eyebrow movements.

Graesser says there are already some computers on the market with cameras that are compatible with the technology, "We are hoping these future computers will have these cameras that will allow  the computer to pick up those emotions."

The technology also uses an intelligent chair to track movements.

The program has been tested on 8th grade students and college students and will be used to tech adult literacy classes soon in Memphis.

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