Possible Predator at Germantown Parks

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(Germantown, TN) The Miles family is the latest added to the growing list of parents who say they’ve seen someone acting suspiciously at Germantown-area parks.

“We just saw a van parked with a guy in it, and he said something,” said Davida Miles.

They described an older man in an older beat-up minivan.  He was sitting in his van watching their child and other children play on the playground.

“It wasn't like he was exercising or walking. I didn't understand. It just seemed odd to me.”

It turns out other parents had the same feeling. They all describe the same beat-up white minivan, the same older man just watching their kids.

The Miles family saw him Monday night. Other parents saw him Monday morning and others reported seeing a similar man last week.

He’s been seen at both Cameron Brown and Franklin parks in Germantown.

Amy Morse, another parent alarmed by the news says the man hasn’t done anything illegal, but it’s no reason to take it lightly.

”You have the right to be in a public park, but the safety of children is foremost and it's unusual,” said Morse.

Morse says too often she sees people leave their young kids and walk away to another part of the park.