Man Facing 2nd Degree Murder Charge In Ax Attack

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(Memphis) Police say a fight between two men got out of control when one of them attacked the other with an ax.

It happened outside L & G Grocery on Watkins in North Memphis.

Police say one man was leaving when the other walked up and started swinging.

The victim wasn't hurt and witnesses weren't shocked at all by what they saw.

"Because it's an everyday thing around here," said one man.

Police say Theodore Leach swung the ax at Thomas Finley several times cutting his right arm.

Leach is now facing a charge of attempted second-degree murder.

People at the restaurant across the street  from the grocery store say Leach works there.

They say the victim had been harassing Leach and it may have pushed him over the edge.

"I know they got into it earlier in the week," said one man.

Witnesses said it looked like Leach had a pipe and not an ax.

They say what happened is nothing when it comes to the violence in the North Memphis Neighborhood.

"This is our environment. This is what we see," said the man.

Leach is locked up on $200,000 bond.